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Hello, and welcome to my website! Here is a brief introduction of myself in the third person:

"Alex Rezdan is a nomadic fiction writer currently living in Kampala, Uganda. In between writing sessions, Alex tries to justify his procrastination by convincing himself that video games and TV shows count as "research" for storytelling purposes."

For those curious, these are the countries (and cities) I have lived in previously. Of course, I've traveled to many more places while living abroad, but I'm only counting where I've lived so far.

USA (Los Angeles) [where I'm from]
Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)
Indonesia (Jakarta)
Colombia (Bogota)
Germany (Berlin)
Cambodia (Phnom Penh)
Uganda (Kampala) [current city]

Published Stories

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Most recent publications towards the top!


Metanoia (anthology reprint)
The Bookends Review 'Best of 2018' Anthology
(March 2019)


That Moment When Time Stopped
Corvus Review: Issue 10
(July 2018)

Bonsai Memories
Silver Pen Magazines 2017 Anthology
(February 2018)

A Good Death Makes a Good Life
Down in the Dirt Magazine
(February 2018)

The Bookends Review
(January 2018)


Allegory Volume 32/59
(November 2017)

That Moment When Time Stopped
Berlin Notebook, Edition 1
(October 2017)

Digital Pulse
The Fable Online: Issue 22
(September 2017)

Tell Empathy (reprint)
Youth Imagination
(August 2017)

RHNK Issue #3: On the Road
(July 2017)

Hangtown (reprint)
Penny Shorts
(April 2017)

Beyond the Chandrasekhar Limit
RHNK Issue #2
(February 2017)

Have You Met My Monster?
The Fiction Pool
(February 2017)

That Moment When Time Stopped
Viewfinder Literary Magazine
(January 2017)


Berlin Unspoken Volume 1
(July 2016)

RHNK Issue #1: On Tinder & Other Places
(June 2016)

Sanitarium Magazine Issue #44
(May 2016)

Bonsai Memories
Fabula Argentea Issue #14
(January 2016)


A New Perspective (or, That Time I Was Allergic to Wussing Out)
Literally Stories
(May 2015)

Tell Empathy
Popshot Issue #13: The Outsider Issue
(April 2015)

Bonus free stories:

Dead Weight
10,000-word novelette

17,000-word novella

New original music coming sometime later this year!

In the meantime, check out my Spotify playlists for music I enjoy listening to. I rotate between all of them when being creative and try to keep them updated as much as possible. Since I can't embed a profile page, I'll only embed my Rezdan Recommends playlist, but you can see the rest by clicking the link here:
Alex Rezdan's Spotify profile

Also, if you're curious about the music I've made in the past, I've embedded my old SoundCloud account below. Feel free to check it out!

Coming Soon!